A Sunny Day in Paradise

A Sunny Day in Paradise

Paradise is a wonderful place. Those who are not already there wish to get in -that goes without saying. But does Paradise have room for everyone? Is there room for the mysterious gentleman who hides a tail in his pants and horns under his hat? And for Eve who has a talking doll but nowhere to live? And what about her mother? Or the really nice guy who was there from the very beginning?

This story is not really about Heaven, but rather about real life, the here and now. It’s funny and childish, a musical fairytale.

  • AGE GROUP 5-10 years
  • DURATION 50 minutes
  • STAGE: w. 8 m / d. 6 m / h. 3,5 m

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PHOTOGRAPHER: Ditte Valente (must be credited if photos are used for publication)