Crueller than Shakespeare – funnier than The Simpsons!

In The Hallelujah Bank life is merry. The customer-friendly staff go about their daily businesses of petty theft, substance abuse, repressed desires, unfulfilled dreams, and constant jealousy…

One fine day a parcel arrives, sender unknown, and things start to happen!

“Hallelujah!” is a crazy, music-driven, non-verbal farce with a subtle political sting. It tackles all the 7 deadly sins, and the concept that money isn’t everything. It is about love and hate, decay and purity, damnation and salvation.

So call out “Hallelujah!” and Batida’s 9 musical bank clerks will pay you a visit.

“Hallelujah!” can be performed in- as well as outdoors, with or without a stage.

  • AGE GROUP 13 years +
  • DURATION 55 minutes
  • STAGE w. 9 m / d. 9 m / h. 3,2 m

VIDEO: "Hallelujah!" (full version)

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