Little T and the Forbidden Teddy Bears

Little T and the Forbidden Teddy Bears

Far away, in a lovely land of palm trees and dates a baby boy was born with ears as big as rhubarb leaves. At the sight of them, his father was ready to die of shame: “Poor, poor me!” he lamented, “Poor me, to have fathered such a son!”

But those ears of his made Little T exceptionally good at hearing things nobody else could hear:  the sound of a snail, of a strawberry, a shooting star… And one day he heard from far, far away, the sound of some very unhappy teddy bears…

REVIEW IN TEATERAVISEN.DK (“THEATRE NEWS”) “The eternal complexity of being different is portrayed with great musical energy and lots of humour in a distant, exotic, and colourful world where teddy bears are forbidden, women are veiled, and Little T grows up with ears as big as rhubarb leaves.

Tobias Heilmann and Per Thomsen competently manage the story-telling as well as a number of musical instruments in this wonderful Arabic-inspired universe, rich on sand and palm trees, where it makes perfectly good and delightful sense to have a camel galloping along on the guitar that is being played.”

Read the full review ‘Adorable teddybear blues’ in (in Danish)

  • AGE GROUP   4-9 years
  • DURATION   40 minutes
  • STAGE   w. 4 m / d. 3 m / h. 2,1 m

1) The whole performance of “Little T and the Forbidden Teddy Bears” in Danish. (41 min.)
2) A sample of the song “Everybody’s Talkin’ (‘Bout My Tightrope Walkin’)” from the English version of the show. (1 min 33 sec).

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VIDEO: Little T and the Forbidden Teddy Bears (Full performance)

BEHIND THE SCENES: Little T sings “Everybody’s Talkin’ (About My Tightrope Walkin’)”

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