Osvald the Monkey

Osvald the Monkey

Egon Mathiesen’s classic children’s story presented as musical theatre.

Osvald and Big Monkey live in a lush forest and it could all be so idyllic, but Big Monkey wants to be boss and goes “errgh!” whenever he doesn’t get his own way.

Little Osvald has a secret dream of a happy monkey-life and a big red apple.  But Big Monkey must have the apple, and Osvald must serve him hand and foot.  One fine day it all becomes too much for Osvald…

  • AGE GROUP 3-8 years
  • DURATION 40 minutes
  • STAGE w. 5 m / d. 4 m / h. 2,5 m

VIDEO: “Osvald the Monkey” (full version)

Photos from the production

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PHOTOGRAPHER: Ditte Valente (must be credited if photos are used for publication)