Ouverture is a poetic comedy about life in a rather unusual orchestra; about joys and sorrows, and about intense happiness and deep despair among its members.

Where the members of the orchestra come from is unknown. Perhaps they are all related? or maybe they simply come from the same remote village somewhere in Europe? Nobody knows – their peculiar accent is not immediately recognizable.

With its deeply moving, straightforward intensity, Ouverture is suitable as part of any festive occasion, be it a glamorous ball, a highbrow conference, or as street theatre at a town festival. It can be performed equally well indoors as outdoors, in any location, even on a proper theatre stage!



2008: Awards for “Best Directing” and “Best Acting” at Festival di Teatro per le Nuove Generazioni in Torino, Italy.

2008: Award for “Best Acting” at The International Festival for Children in Bucharest, Romania.

2003: Cuban Critics Award for “Best International Performance” at the 11th Havana Theatre Festival.

Ouverture has toured more than 20 countries.


  • AGE GROUP   From 5 years and families
  • DURATION   40 min.
  • STAGE:  W: 8 m / D: 8 m / H: 2,5 m

VIDEO: Ouverture

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