“Spaghetti makes you high” say the two long, tall, thin ones. And then they cook spaghetti like nobody’s business. Their neighbour, who is anything but tall, but who is short, rotund, and terribly hungry, would love to join them. A charming and heart-warming story about total opposites who, despite their differences, come together. And is there music in this little gem of a play? Yes, and lots of it, all performed live by the three actors.   


2011: Performances in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City as a part of the royal Danish visit.

2011: Awarded “Best actor” and “Best actress” at the 18th International Children & Young Adults Theatre Festival in Hamedan, Iran.

Has toured more than 10 countries.

  • AGE RANGE   3-8 years
  • DURATION   40 min.
  • LANGUAGE   English
  • PREPARATION TIME   90 min.
  • STAGE W: 5,5. D: 5,5 m. H: 2,5 m

Video: Spaghetti (Full version in English)

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PHOTOGRAPHER: Ditte Valente (must be credited if photos are used for publication)