The big journey to grandma

The big journey to grandma

Laila has only seen her grandmother in a small photograph. She lives far, far away in a completely different country. But now she will visit her for the first time. Laila leaves with her father.


The journey takes place in a slow and arduous fashion: bus, train, ship – and hot air balloon!


Because father and daughter want to see it all!


The journey ends in Iran. There they meet a ghost! But no, it was not a ghost at all, but a grandmother in her street wear clothes. Inside is the funniest grandmother Laila could wish for.


Not only do Batida’s three actors take the young audience on a fantastic journey on land, at sea and in the air – well aided by the imagination – but also on a wonderful journey through the music of the world.

  • AGE RANGE   3-8 years
  • DURATION   45 min.
  • LANGUAGE   Dansih, English or texted
  • PREPARATION TIME   90 min.
  • STAGE W: 6 m D: 5 m. H: 2,5 m

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