The Wonderful Trio

The Wonderful Trio

There is something curious about Karl. Something within him has a disturbing tendency to bubble and grow.

Whenever The Maestro wants them to play proper music something strange emerges from Karl making the tunes come out all wrong.

Ready to give up altogether, the Maestro decides to make one last attempt; the trio will perform a spring concerto; a wonderful piece that will delight everybody, make the audiences applaud, and secure his fame and fortune. Karl promises to make an effort, but Klein, third member of the trio, is somewhat apprehensive.

Hear the music, and see what, despite all their efforts, escapes from Karl’s head, sending the Trio and their audiences off on fabulous journeys.

  • AGE GROUP 5-10 years (and families)
  • DURATION 45 minutes
  • STAGE w. 6 m / d. 5 m / h. 3 m

VIDEO: "The Wonderful Trio" (full version)

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PHOTOGRAPHER: Ditte Valente (must be credited if photos are used for publication)