To Crown it All

To Crown it All

The King is old and soon to die. When that happens it is, of course, the oldest son, the crown prince, who gets to be the new king, a fact that he is immensely proud of. But what use is all his pride and self-importance when his father’s favourite is the spoilt little brat of a younger brother?

The play is not only about jealousy between heirs to the crown; the cast of three actors and musicians unfold a tale that deals, humorously and seriously, with the issue of sibling rivalry. A tale which, with its own brand of innocence, revolves around what concerns us all the most: love, fairness, acceptance…

-Serious and complex issues, for young children too

  • AGE GROUP 5-10 years
  • DURATION 50 minutes
  • STAGE w. 8 m / d. 12 m / h. 3,5 m

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PHOTOGRAPHER: Ditte Valente (must be credited if photos are used for publication)