About Batida


A vibrant and colourful ensemble of musical actors.

From the very outset The Batida Theatre Company has hung on to its principle of integrating live music and movement in its shows on equal footing with text and design. All music is performed live, it’s visible, and often staged and used in much the same way as choreography is in dance: as a form of expression in its own right.

Batida has developed its very own unique interacting theatrical style, and has over time created a wide range of shows, addressing all age groups – adults included. The shows are performed at Batida’s own theatre – a converted factory building in Copenhagen – as well as on tour anywhere in the world where they may find an audience. Batida has toured in 45 different countries.

Videos material about Batida: 

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Teatergruppen Batida
Rentemestervej 25 A
2400 København NV

Tel +45 38 10 36 09

Email: info@batida.dk