The big book about getting lost

The big book about getting lost

Everybody, also adults, are afraid of getting lost! -And even worse: Not to be found! We follow the two sisters Vera and Kirsten who are as different as night and day. One representing the child joy of exploring new pastures and the other representing the fear of the unknown. The two sisters get hurled into a great adventure in the big book of disappearance and it may not be all bad to get lost and maybe found again… The show explores universal themes such as being afraid, overcoming fear, how parents tend to overprotect their children and sibling relationsship. For teachers/caretakers

Suggestions for conversation topics:

To be afraid of something

  • Fear of the Unknown
  • The exaggerated protection in wich adults embrace their children

  • age group 6-10 years
  • price incl. VAT 6360 kr. At max 60 spectators; 12,000 kr. At max 125 spectators Refund Approved Duration 45 min The scene: width 6 m, depth 4 m, height 3.5 m Technical Requirements 220 V
  • Blackout not required
  • ACTORS: 5
  • VIDEO and photos further down the page
  • soon to come…

Soon to come…

VIDEO: The big Book about getting lost (is coming)

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