The Girl Scout Drama Troop performs The Jungle Book

The Girl Scout Drama Troop performs The Jungle Book

Mowgli, Baloo, Shere Khan, plus six bickering girl scouts.

At the annual jamboree the Drama Troop performs some of the most  memorable scenes from Kipling’s The Jungle Book: The wolves save infant Mowgli from ferocious and cowardly Shere Khan, Mowgli fetches fire from mankind to use as a weapon against the tiger…

We meet the girls in the troop as they rehearse the scenes using puppets of many sizes, object theatre, shadow play, dance, and live music. But pecking order, disputes, and backbiting between the girls threaten to spoil the undertaking.

Like life in the jungle, life in the Girl Scout Drama Troop is all about fighting tooth and nail for survival.



Jungle drama with a twist of razzmatazz
“It’s all fun and games when The Batida Theatre Company portrays a gang of girl scouts giving their all as a drama troop. Spirits are high and the conflicts hilarious as the show, with the rather long title, races ahead at full musical and crazy comedy speed, wreaking havoc among the intrepid scouts.

It is a concert played on drums, double-bass, sax, and various other instruments, giving us music and comedy at the reliably high standard of theatrical craftsmanship that is the trademark of The Batida Theatre Company. In addition to this you’ll be treated to a show, not just full of fun and energy, but also with plenty of bite.”
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Divas of the jungle
“Behind the title The Girl Scout’s Drama Troop Performs ‘The Jungle Book´ is a show of the most exuberant and energetic theatrical caliber long seen by this reviewer. The Batida Theatre Company’s show plays out like a piece of jazz music; free-form and tightly composed at the same time. Likewise it manages to be full of both top professionalism and playfulness in equal measure.

Sparks fly from the members of the Drama Troop, and you can’t help falling in love with each of every one of them, despite, or because of their great charm and many shortcomings. In addition The Batida Theatre Company’s show is a blend of several genres, all spiced up with dance, music, puppetry and shadow-theatre.”
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  • AGE GROUP 8-12 years
  • DURATION 60 minutes
  • STAGE: w. 8 m / d. 7 m / h. 3,5 m

1) Video teaser (1 min. 6 sec.)
2) Video of the entire performance (59 min.)

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VIDEO TEASER: “The Girl Scout Drama Troop performs The Jungle Book”

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